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高以翔挚友发长文告别 暗示对方本打算与女友结婚

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本文摘要:网易娱乐专稿12月2日报道 高以翔在浙江卫视录节目意外猝死,引发热议,亲友和粉丝悲痛不已。 今天下午,高以翔的遗体运回台湾,家人为其接灵。 刚刚,和高以翔有着十几年友谊的好友蒋

网易娱乐专稿12月2日报道  高以翔在浙江卫视录节目意外猝死,引发热议,亲友和粉丝悲痛不已。







Darren (DJ) - Your Brother For Life And Eternity

蒋珅玮 - 你今世且永恒的兄弟

November 27th 2019, what a day, a long day to be remembered forever

Without any forewarning, you walked away from us forever

2019年11月27日 多漫长的一天 永远铭记的一天

毫无征兆 你永远的离开了我们

Ironically the next day was the Day of Thanksgiving

Why couldn’t the higher power just be a little more forgiving?

有点讽刺的是... 第二天就是感恩节


As I woke up crying hysterically at 4 o’clock in the morning

I still couldn’t believe that you were gone and all we can do is mourning

凌晨四点 我歇斯底里的哭着醒来

我仍然无法相信你已经走了 而我们所能做的只有哀悼

I found myself sitting here starring into the ceiling

My head’s filled with mixed emotions. It’s hard to conceal this feeling

我自己一个人坐着这里 盯着天花板

脑子里满是复杂的情绪 难以掩饰

You used to make fun of me for my long emotional speeches and you always said “oh lord”

But hey bro, never under-estimate the power and strength that it teaches so please bear with me for one more

你总是由于我布满感情的长篇讲话和我开玩笑 你总是说 “oh天呐”

但是 我的兄弟啊 永远不要低估它所带来的气力

所以 请再收留忍听我讲一次吧

I cannot help but to start reminiscing about our past

Because right now these are the only memories I can hold onto and make them last


由于这些是我现在唯一的记忆 是我可以捉住可以让它们永存的记忆

It was around the summer of 2006 that I became a Nike intern

Going to Vancouver for a basketball tournament, by meeting you, my life would turn

2006年的夏天 我成了NIKE的实习生

由于一场篮球赛我往了温哥华 在那儿熟悉你成了我人生的转折点

Our teams met in the championship finals game

Where you and I forever remembered each other’s name



For most of the guys, they’d pretend to shake my hand after I gave them an ass-whoop

But you approached me after the game and asked me to give you an alley-hoop

大多数球员对手在我把他们打败后 他们会过来假装跟我握手

但你在赛后主动找到我 要我跟你配合一个空中接力大灌篮

It was at that moment we lit a spark

Little did we know that it’d become the beginning of a brotherhood benchmark

就在那一刻 我们之间点燃了一些火花


We were both at the age of 22, young, ambitious, proud and confident

Just started out in our respective careers, we were both ambivalent

我们都在22岁的年纪 年轻有抱负 骄傲且自信

在各自职业生涯的开端 我们都有太多的矛盾与未知

From 2007 – 2010, you came back to Asia to pursue your entertainment career

I stayed back in the states and couldn’t even see you often to grab a beer

2007到2010年 你回到亚洲 追求你的演艺生涯

而我还待在美国 甚至不能经常看到你和你喝杯啤酒

Finally in 2011, my company relocated me to Beijing

We reunited for the first time in Shanghai and I was excited about what this change could bring

终于!2011年 我的公司将我调到了北京

我们在上海第一次团圆 我对这一变动可能带来的未知变化非常兴奋

Later that year, you invited me to stay at your Taipei home for Christmas and introduced me to your inner circle of gang there

I sometimes went back there for business

And you always brought me out to get some fresh air

那年的晚些时候 你邀请我到你台北的家里过圣诞节,还把我先容给你最信任的朋友圈子

我有时候会回那里出差 你总是带我出往到处走走呼吸新鲜空气

There was another year while you were out of town, you let me stay at your Taipei apartment with your older brother Charles

He took such good care of me too like his own brother and we talked for hours

另外有一年我往台北出差 你正好也在外面工作

你让我住在你台北的公寓和你的哥哥Charles 一起

他也像照顾亲弟弟一样照顾着我 我们说了好多的话

And then there is Yang May who always looks out for me as well

What she told me one morning at the Shanghai apartment was truly heartfelt

然后还有羊May 也总是为我考虑 各处照顾

她有一次早上在上海的公寓跟我说的话很深情 地感动了我

She told me how much she valued our true friendship while you were still asleep

I had no idea that her understanding for our bond could be so deep.



As one of my work perks, I always hooked you up with the freshest kicks

Being the perfect spokesperson of SKII you always gifted me with some fancy face wash in two sticks

作为我的工作福利之一 我经常送给你最新款的球鞋

作为最完美的SKII 代言人 你也会送我一些高级的洗面奶作为礼物

We played together at the LoveLife game in Hong Kong along with Blackie

You put on a show riding the opponents all game long like a horse jockey

我们受黑人的邀请在香港一起打了LoveLife 慈善篮球赛

你还是一如既往地发挥得特别好 就如骑马一样轻松

Our brotherhood bond grew so strong we together took multiple trips

Whether it was in Vancouver or LA, Malaysia or Thailand, Singapore or Japan, we captured lots of memorable clips

我们的兄弟友谊变得如此牢固 我们一起出往旅行了好多次

无论是温哥华还是洛杉矶 马来西亚还是泰国 新加坡还是日本 我们捕捉到了太多令人难忘的片断

When I resigned from Nike in 2014

Besides you and my mother, there was really no one else who offered me the full support like a team


除了你和我的母亲 真的没有其他人给我全力的支持

We then held hands to found PB - a brand inspiring the youth to achieve their Personal Best

With a trustworthy partner and a loyal friend like you, I felt extremely blessed

然后 我们一起联合创立了PB 我们的品牌,往激励年轻人实现最好自我的品牌

拥有你这样值得信赖的伙伴和忠诚的朋友 我感到无比幸运

Nothing was ever easy at the beginning

But through the next four years, we realized the true meaning

开始的阶段 任何事情都不轻易

但在接下来的五年里 我们意识到了它真正的意义所在

Hardships always exist and unforeseeable circumstances always come up every year

Together through the weather we always persist and overcoming the obstacles always ends up bringing out a cheer

困境总是存在 不可预见的情况每年都会发生

我们一起经历风雨  坚持不懈 克服困难 最后总是带来了欢笑快乐

Except for the first year in Chongqing where my dad took you to a local spot for some spicy hotpot

You couldn’t stop eating and said “man it’s good” but afterwards you couldn’t get off the pot

除了我们(PB)往重庆的第一年 我爸爸带你往吃了当地正宗的重庆火锅

你吃得停不下来 告诉我“太好吃了” 但是之后你就没有从洗手间出来过

I still got a picture of your laying down on my bed while my dad handed you some pills

I told you not to eat so much I’m sure that experience gave you a whole lot of thrills

我还有一张照片 是你当时在我家床上躺着的样子 我爸爸正在给你吃药

我早告诉你不要吃太多 我相信那次经历给你留下了太多刺激的回忆

Chiu Jie always told me that what we were doing together with PB was very meaningful

It meant so much for me to hear that!  It’s still incredibly joyful


听她这么说我真的很欣慰 现在想起来也很开心

Coop, you and I started out with our big dream on a blueprint

CC and Riley later joined us to give the kids so much passion to scream and that will forever be our footprint

Coop, 你和我带着远大的梦想和蓝图开始了这段旅程

后来CC和Riley加进了我们一起给了孩子们那么多让他们尖叫的激情时刻 这是我们留下来的永远的足迹

The defining moment was this past June when we were both invited to represent PB and speak at TED Talk

We delivered what we had promised because together we always walk the walk

一个决定性的时刻 就是今年五月份我们受邀代表PB往TED做演讲

我们兑现了承诺 由于我们在一起总是信守承诺

Between 2014 – 2018, time flew by like a flash

Lots of things changed in our lives while you made lots of cash

2014 - 2018年时光飞逝

我们的生活发生了一些改变 你通过努力拥有了一些财富

You had so many movie releases

You also bought new cars and new houses

But to you these were just irrelevant pieces

The most important things to you were always family, friends and your future spouses



可对你来说 这些都只是生活中无关紧要的东西

最重要的是家人 是朋友 是你未来的伴侣

Many things and many people changed around you in your life

But you never once changed as a person, you really deserved a loving wife


而作为你 你从未改变过 你真的值得拥有一位爱你的妻子

You stayed kind, genuine, humble and truly generous to family and close friends

That’s when I know for certain that our brotherhood never ends


这让我确信, 我们的兄弟友谊永远不会结束

When Denny you and I were invited by Tina to film the show - 【Revisit the Campus】

It was the epitome of our friendship bond and our collective memories were forever drawn onto this piece of canvas

当Tina 邀请Denny 你和我一起拍摄【再见校园】网综的时候

那是我们兄弟情最好的体现 由于我们共同的美好回忆被永远记录下来了

While in Hangzhou one time, we three together co-hosted the MQ Opening

Our special bond didn’t take long for the world to start noticing



Diana and Poison later took us to go horse riding

You were laughing your butt off because my pants couldn’t stop their downward slipping


由于我的姿势不对 裤子一直往下掉 你也一直笑个不停

There was another time in Hangzhou, you were filming alone

I surprised you in your hotel room with a birthday cake and we together got the candles blown


我瞧瞧地抱着一个蛋糕出现在你酒店的房间门口给你惊喜, 然后我们一起把烛炬吹灭的

I often visited and accompanied you to many events

You always worked so hard and wore yourself out. It didn’t make any sense

我常往探班 陪你往参加一些活动

你总是那么拼命地工作 你都把自己累坏了 这根本毫无道理

At times your eyes were bloodshot and your energy was drained

But never even once did I hear any of your issues being complained

有时候你的眼睛布满着红血丝 你精疲力尽

但我从没听到你抱怨过 一次也没有

We travelled together whenever we could for work or pleasure

Whenever our destinations magically synced up, I couldn’t help but to smirk and treasure

只要有时间 我们就一起旅行 工作或娱乐

每当我们的所在地神奇地同步时 我都会忍不住偷笑出声 我也会很珍惜在一起的时光

Two years ago Bella and I together celebrated your birthday for you in LA

I didn’t get you any present but picked up the dinner tab, I hope it was okay


我当时没给你预备特别的礼物 但是我买单了那天的晚餐 希看你不要介意

But you could always find the right present to gift me

The snowboarding goggles you got me one Christmas are exactly what I need


有一年圣诞节你送我的滑雪镜 就真的是我需要的

One time you and Bella took a day trip with my family to the Griffith

It was a beautiful sunny day on September the 5th.


那是一个阳光明媚的一天 那天是9月5号

Later that week we took another trip to Universal Studios Hollywood

We had fun winning some giant dolls at the basketball arcade as if we were on the hardwood

也是那一周 我们还一起往好莱坞环球影城玩

我们两个一起玩投篮游戏赢了大娃娃 跟我们在木地板上的表现没什么区别呀

You always had me crashing with you in your hotel room just to save a few bucks

I was that one friend who had shared the same bed with you the most you probably wanted to say “damn this sucks”

你总是让我到你的酒店房间跟你一起住 说是为了帮忙节省一些


Two summers ago, you, Mao and I played ball at Laguna Beach and then stopped by my LA crib to hang out

On your way back to a casting call, you guys got stuck in terrible LA traffic, you must’ve been super stressed out


但是你要赶回洛杉矶往一个试镜的时候堵车严重 你当时肯定急死了

Two winters ago, we had amazing fun in Niseko snowboarding

The room & bed you and I shared was so tiny. It felt like we were back in high school. All boarding


你和我当时住的房间真是太小了! 似乎回到了我们高中住校拼床的感觉

You were the only master snowboarder out of the group

But you patiently took time to help train everyone else on the kiddy slope.



That was such a typical Godfrey move

You always put your friends’ needs before you do



When you finally had some time of your own to go up to the Black Diamond

Coming down was quick for you, as for me, I pretty much tumbled my entire way down and kept saying “oh Amen”


滑下山对于你来说很快, 但是对于我来说, 我记得我是连滚带爬下往的,还一直喊着“哦 阿门!”

Being an amateur, I still went with you just to keep you company

If it weren’t for the facial mask I was wearing, my face would’ve turned out to be very funny

作为一个菜鸟级别的人,我是硬着头皮陪你上往的, 由于我不想你没有陪伴自己一人往


At the mountaintop we had a very special moment

Sitting quietly by each other in that beautiful white world, as pure as our special bond, we must’ve been chosen


在那个美丽地冰雪世界静静地陪对方坐着, 就跟我们特别的关系一样纯洁,我们尽对是早就注定今生的兄弟情了

I recall one summertime my family spent a week visiting yours in Vancouver

At the lake park, our mothers were snapping pictures of us nonstop playing one on one

The sick fade-away jumper you hit in my face was hell of a maneuver

Alright I’ll give you props for that one. It was one of the few times you actually won




你当时在我眼前投了好多后仰投篮 各种操纵

好吧 那次算你厉害 也许那是未几的几次你打赢了我

Last Christmas, you and Bella came to my LA house to celebrate

We played ball, went to the beach, tossed some beanbags and then had our homemade hotpot but if anyone could put a price on memories like these it’d be impossible to calibrate


我们一起打球 往了海边 玩了游戏, 还吃了家里做的火锅 我们所有的这些回忆是不能用金钱往衡量的

This Christmas is right around the corner

But your appointment turns out to be with the coroner



Don’t you worry about not being here though?

I’ll still help unwrap the presents for you and say a prayer so we can grow


我会帮你打开礼物, 为你祈祷, 然后一起成长

All of our memories kept on flashing by

There is no question in my mind as to why



You were an honorable man with a few words especially with those whom you just met

But you were always there for me whenever I needed a pep talk I owe you a huge debt

你是一个很值得被尊敬但是言语未几的人 特别是对那些你刚熟悉的朋友们。

可每当我需要打气时 你总是在我身边陪伴我帮我疏通情绪 我亏欠你的太多了

You were always the one serving everyone else first at the dinner table

Only a man with the best manners and the highest integrity would be able

不管什么时候我们一起吃饭 你总是会先帮我和大家夹菜盛汤


We talked about being at each other’s weddings when we get married

But we never discussed what we would do when one of us gets buried

我们曾互相答应在结婚的时候 一定要以伴郎身份往现场参加对方的婚礼

但我们从未讨论过 当我们其中一人将被埋葬 我们该怎么办

You were my brother from another mother

And we wholeheartedly trusted each other



No wonder why people call you DJ Godfrey

Our lives were tied together forever by our names. We’re partners in a crime, but we’re here to set each other free

我终于知道为什么大家叫你DJ Godfrey了

我们的名字注定我们的生命永远会连在一起 我们可以让对方自由放松地开释本性

I’d go through a wall or jump off a cliff for you in a heartbeat

Only if there were a way with how this life turned out that we could cheat


假如有任何方式可以让你欺骗死亡 我都愿意

If there is a way to reverse the clock

Maybe I can find a way to untie my mental block



When we checked up on each other a few days ago, you suddenly asked me: “where you at?”

I said that I was traveling in Europe but in a few days we could catch up and chat

几天前我们聊天时 你忽然问我:“你在哪儿?”

我当时告诉你我在欧洲旅行 但是过几天我们就能聚聚了

By now I finally found out why all of the sudden you were checking to see my location

Because you’d like me to be a witness with you at the two families’ big joint dinner as you are ready to start a new life direction


由于你们两家人马上有一个非常重要的晚餐 你希看我到场陪你见证你将要开始的一个新的人生篇章

Then there came November 27th, 2019.

A rainy day to be remembered forever

I woke up to a social media frenzy. Did this happen to me before? Never.



我在社交媒体的一阵嘈杂中醒来 这种情况以前在我身上发生过吗? 从来没有

When Auntie Tina finally confirmed the thunderous news

I cried hysterically at home and there was no more time for me to lose


我在家里歇斯底里地哭 而我没有时间可以浪费了

I booked the first available train to go and see you

I wanted to keep you company on your last journey home but the reality was impossible for me to chew


在你走的最后一程 我想在你身边陪你一起回家 但是现实让我不能接受

You were sleeping there so peacefully but still looking stylish as always while rockin’ your fancy Jordans

It reminded me of the brand new kicks you snatched from my closet one time in Beijing, remember what they were?  Some brand new classic Jordans

你在那里非常安静地躺着睡觉, 但是还穿着你的乔丹鞋, 跟以往一样潮

让我想起在北京的一次, 你从我的衣橱拿走了一双新鞋穿, 还记得它们是什么鞋吗? 就是一双经典版的乔一。

It’s convenient that we’re so similar in our physiques and that we shared the same sizes

Every time we scored something fresh from each other’s closet, it was always like hitting the lottery prizes

真的很方便!由于我们的体型相似, 所有的尺码也一样

每次我们在对方的衣橱中找到好东西穿, 总感觉我们赢了彩票一样!

I’m still in total shock and disbelief

I now have this mental block I can only weep in grief


现在我的心里有了一种精神障碍... 我只能在悲伤中哭泣

I cannot believe that the reality can be so cruel, I wanna hold on to you with a tight embrace

So unfair to check out someone as kind as you while keeping all the rest of evil in place

我不敢相信现实会如此残酷 我想牢牢地抱住你不让你走

现实居然把像你这样善良的人带走了 却把所有邪恶的东西都留在原地 这太不公平了

To me, none of this has sunk in yet cuz I’m just in denial

I wish there was a “bring you back to life” number that I could dial

对我来说 这一切似乎都不是真的 由于我一直在否认 我不敢接受

我希看有一个可以让你起死回生的电话号码 我可以拨打

I wanna say that the world would’ve been a much better place with more people like you

But the truth is: there was only one of you

And you were truly one of a kind

我想说 假如这个世界有更多像你这样的人 一切一定会更加美好

但事实是 只有你一个


No one before came nearly as kind, genuine, loyal, generous and loving

And there will certainly be no one to come after even when push comes shoving

在此之前 没有人能像你那样善良、真诚、忠诚、慷慨和布满爱心


For the past few hours, I found myself typing aimlessly to your phone

Somehow I was hoping that you’d type back or maybe I could get vacuumed into your time zone

过往的几个小时里 我发现自己一直在漫无目的地给你的电话发短信

不知为什么 我就希看你能回复我一下 或者那样我就可以被吸进与你平行的空间

But even though you are not replying, I know you can hear me bro

You are looking down on me and all of us right now and telling me how to handle this blow

可即使你不回答 我也知道你能看到也能听到我发出的信号 我的兄弟

你正从上往下看着我 还有我们所有人 告诉我该如何应对这样的打击

There have been so many signs that you never went away

Thank you for passing me the incredible strength not to cry for our family sake


谢谢你这几天递给我了无穷的气力和坚强, 为了我们的家人,我尽量没有在他们眼前哭泣

As a prank, you used to eat my eggs at breakfast whenever I wasn’t looking

For the past few days, I’ve been making the eggs exactly the way you liked because hey! You’re just too good looking


过往几天的早上 我一直在把鸡蛋做成你以前喜欢的样式 由于你太帅了 你说了什么都算!

I’ve been waiting for you to join me for breakfast like you never left

But you haven’t shown up yet so I just pretend that you over-slept

我一直在等你加进我一起吃早餐 就像你从来没有走一样

但是你一直还没有来 所以我就当你睡过头了

What’s happened has left me speechless

But once I start writing to you my words are endless


但是我一开始写这封信 我又停不下来

You were the perfect role model to million others

That’s why now with your passing, the huge crowd gathers.

对于成千上万的人来说 你曾是完美的榜样

所以你现在走了 大家都赶过来送你最后一程

Your true impact on other people’s lives is hard to calculate

But the love and sentiments that millions of people are showing you now are impossible to fabricate



You were not only just a great friend to me

You were my brother separated at birth man.  We’ll be forever tied together by our feet


你是我出生时分开了的亲兄弟 我们的脚步永远都会被连在一起 同步前进

In your previous life, you must’ve been a fallen angel

Who would’ve known that someone’s life could be so fragile?



As a person, you were always kind to others even if they were evil

So whoever it was that took you away, it must’ve been the devil

对于做人,你总是对别人很友善 就算他们有恶意


With friends, you always unselfishly shared your spotlight

But in times of arguments you never put up a fight


但是有争执发生的时候 你从来不会往计较什么

You’ve done so many amazing things as a human being in this short lifetime

If I wanna ever become half of the man that you were, I’ve got a long way to climb

在你短暂的一生中 你自己很成功也为身边的人做了太多


I’m so extremely grateful that I had more time than most of other people to get to know you

Our bond will be even stronger because for that much we value

我心中实在无比感激 我比其他大多数人拥有更多时间了解了你


I’m so so proud and privileged to call you my brother for this life time and next

When it’s my time, don’t you forget to give me a heads up and shoot me a text

我很骄傲也很荣幸 这辈子和下辈子都能称你为我的兄弟

当我的时间要到的时候,别忘了提条件醒我一下 给我发条信息

Make sure that you do some scouting first up there

So you can show me around like you always do once I pay for my life fare


这样当我终极付出了我的生命的时候 你就可以像以前那样带我在那里到处走走了

Please make sure to continue playing lots of sports in your favorite Nike shorts

Cuz once I go up there, like the good old days, we’re gonna go and crash some courts


这样等我上往找你的时候, 还能像以前一样,我们一起往外面球场打球

You worked way too hard for way too long before for everyone else’s well being

Now you finally can have a little time & rest to yourself and enjoy some heavenly sightseeing

以前为了别人的幸福安康 你工作太努力了 你工作太长时间了



Enjoy this peaceful time up there and embrace the outpouring of love coming from down below

Until the day I bring all the bells & whistles to join you, this will definitely be a hard one to swallow

享受这段宁静的时光吧 拥抱来自我们所有爱你的人爱的讯息吧

直到我带着铃铛和口哨来找你的那一天 这将永远是一个难以接受的事实

We’ve all gathered here to celebrate your fulfilled life today so we can try to get over this sorrow

But rest assured we’ll continue to care for each other forever starting tomorrow

我们今天聚集在这里庆祝你布满意义的一生 我们可以试着往克服这种悲伤

但是请放心 从明天开始 我们会永远继续互相关爱

You have your plans & dreams still yet to be completed

I’ll carry on your torch and keep moving forward until all of my energy is depleted


我会从你手中接过火把棒带上我们的梦想继续往前走, 直到我所有的能量都耗尽

Don’t worry about the loved ones you left behind

It’s only temporary

Love and compassion you must find

You are at the perfect sanctuary





Auntie Tina and Uncle Rick are the most rational and classy parents I know

After spending time with them, it’s not difficult for anyone to understand where you got your kind soul.

Tina阿姨 和Rick叔叔是我熟悉最讲理最优雅的父母

任何人接触他们之后 都一定会知道你是从哪里得到如此善意的灵魂

They just lost a dear son that they can never replace

But with your permission I’ll try my best to look after them like another son in your place

Tina阿姨和Rick叔叔刚刚失往了你 无人可替换你在他们心中的位置

但是假如你同意, 我会尽我所能代表你像另一个儿子一样照顾好他们

I’ll help take care of our loved ones until I see you again

I wish nothing but to be your brother once more just tell me when

我会帮忙照顾我们所爱的人 直到我们再次见面

我只想再做一次你的兄弟 告诉我 无论任何时候

I’ve been fortunate to spend time with you and the family these past few days

We brought you home together and will cope with all of this in new ways


我们一起带你回家了 然后会好好地生活下往

It’s the beginning of the month just past the 1st

But it’s not the end of our infinite love for each other. It will never burst

今天是这个月刚刚的开始, 1号刚过

但这尽对不是我们对彼此无尽的爱的终点, 我们对彼此的爱永远不会消失

At this point you must be thinking to yourself “Geez DJ, this is getting pretty long, are you finally done?”

“Nah man!” I’m gonna continue thinking of you and writing to you EVERYDAY until I join you up there to have some fun.

看到这里,你肯定想问 “天呀,DJ,你写完了没有?”

“当然没有!” 我会继续在脑海中天天想着你,天天写给你,直到我能往那里找到你,再一起快乐地生活为止.

Love To Eternity and Rest In Peace bro,

爱到永恒 安息吧 我亲爱的兄弟

Darren Jiang (DJ)


Some memories do last forever...


Date Written:

Began at 4:00AM - 8:30AM on November 28th, 2019.

To be continued for days, weeks, months and years...


起草于2019年11月28日的凌晨4点 - 早上8点30分


Translation By: Riley Gou

中文翻译: 苟思


P.S. 当我半夜在哥哥Charles的陪伴下给你读完这封信之后,录音屏幕上自动定格在了21:51/22:00的时间轴, 一秒不差(9/22就是你的生日)

眼泪整理时要溢出来了, 但我马上抱住Brother Charles又一起安慰地笑了。由于我知道你收到了我写给你的信, 你也永远会留在我们身边陪伴。

今天带你回家我一路上都在和你说话, 终于安全落地后我告诉你“Hey G, we’re home”. 我无意中瞟了一眼手机, 信号处从“4G”变成了“G”五秒钟,之后又变回成了”4G”.  我知道那是你在我身边听到了我说的话,用你的方式在回答我...

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